Lechler Unveils Game-Changing CTS & Precision Nozzles at DLG Feldtage

Lechler has made a significant splash at the DLG Feldtage 2024 in Germany, unveiling a prototype of its closed transfer system (CTS) for crop protection products. This innovative system, dubbed the Lechler Coupler (LeC), aims to revolutionize the way farmers handle and apply pesticides, herbicides, and other crop protection agents. In addition to the CTS, Lechler also introduced a new series of nozzles designed to enhance precision spraying for both spot and row applications.

The LeC system stands out due to its fully electronic operation, a feature that simplifies the process for users. By simply inputting the desired amount of product to be extracted from a jerrycan, the system takes care of the rest, including cleaning the container. This automated process not only reduces the risk of spills and drips but also enhances safety and efficiency on the farm. The system’s memory feature is particularly noteworthy; it can remember specific extraction amounts across multiple containers, ensuring precise dispensing even when dealing with varying container sizes. For example, if a task requires 18 liters of product from multiple 5-liter jerrycans, the LeC system will remember to extract only 3 liters from the third jerrycan, streamlining the entire operation.

The prototype currently can dispense a minimum of 200 milliliters, but Lechler aims to reduce this to 150 milliliters in the final version. This would bring it on par with the Tefen AccuRite, an Israeli-imported system by Homburg, which has recently updated its minimum dispensing amount to 150 milliliters as well.

Lechler’s introduction of new nozzles is equally exciting. The 30-degree nozzle series, named ARE30, is specifically designed for row spraying and will be available first. These nozzles boast a 90 percent drift reduction and come in sizes ranging from 0.067 to 0.3 in terms of flow rate, making them highly versatile for different spraying needs. The 20-degree nozzle series, currently in prototype under the name LS20, is intended for spot spray applications. These nozzles have a very narrow spray pattern and require extremely fine filtering of the spray liquid, with sizes ranging from 0.05 to 0.3 in flow rate.

The implications of these innovations are far-reaching. For farmers, the introduction of the LeC CTS means a significant reduction in the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals, as well as a decrease in product waste due to its precise dispensing capabilities. The automation and memory features of the system also promise to save time and labor, allowing farmers to focus on other critical aspects of their operations.

The new nozzles, with their advanced design and drift reduction capabilities, are set to improve the accuracy and efficiency of pesticide and herbicide applications. This is particularly important in the context of increasing regulatory pressure to minimize chemical drift and its impact on surrounding environments. The fine filtering requirements of the new nozzles also highlight the importance of maintaining high standards in spray liquid quality, ensuring that the application is as effective and environmentally friendly as possible.

Overall, Lechler’s latest offerings at the DLG Feldtage 2024 underscore the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in agriculture. By addressing both the safety and efficiency of crop protection product handling and application, Lechler is helping to pave the way for a more sustainable and productive future in farming.

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