John Deere Ignites Ag 4.0 Era, Upgrades 1.6M Machines

John Deere has taken a significant step forward in the realm of precision agriculture with the establishment of a new business unit in the Americas. The mission of this unit, aptly named the Precision Upgrade Business, is to usher thousands of producers into the era of Agriculture 4.0. This initiative aims to revolutionize the agricultural landscape by offering a comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions designed to upgrade existing machinery, thereby bridging the technological gap for farmers who have older equipment.

The Precision Upgrade Business will provide a plethora of tools, from modems and signal receivers for enhanced connectivity to advanced monitors and sensors. These upgrades will enable machinery to perform tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency, covering everything from seeding and spraying to harvesting. The ultimate goal is to integrate cutting-edge technology such as autonomy and intelligent application systems into the agricultural machinery that currently lacks these innovations.

Big Market Potential

To put the potential impact into perspective, there are approximately 1.6 million pieces of agricultural machinery currently in operation in Brazil alone. These machines, on average, have been in use for 10 to 15 years and do not possess the technological advancements introduced in the last decade. This represents a vast market ripe for technological upgrades.

Jackson Schneider, the leader of the new unit in Latin America, emphasizes the substantial opportunity this initiative presents. “The big opportunity we are bringing is productivity, profitability, and sustainability for our customers, initially in North America and South America. We are acting proactively to bring this opportunity to thousands of farmers,” Schneider explained.

All-Inclusive Approach

One of the standout features of the Precision Upgrade kits is their compatibility with various types of machinery, not just those manufactured by John Deere. This inclusivity extends to tractors, sprayers, planters, and harvesters from all brands. “Our vision is to grow this business unit significantly by 2030. We want farmers to have access to the most up-to-date technology possible, just with upgrades to the agricultural machinery they already have,” Schneider reinforced.

To further support farmers in making informed decisions, John Deere will offer consultancy services. These services will help producers choose the best tools for their specific needs and even include a calculator to estimate the return on investment. This approach opens up opportunities for farmers who may not be able to afford new machines, allowing them to benefit from the latest technologies with a much smaller investment.

Upgrade Options

The variety of products and services available through the Precision Upgrade Business is extensive, reflecting John Deere’s expansive portfolio in the agricultural machinery and technology market. For instance, modems for remote communication with the Operation Center and monitors that enable GPS-guided operation are available, starting at an estimated price of $7,000.

For those seeking more sophisticated equipment, options like spray bars with independent nozzles and sensors, including John Deere’s latest See & Spray technology, are available, though they come with a higher price tag of around $120,000. However, there are numerous intermediate possibilities tailored to different types of machinery. These include electric clutches, electronic seed dozers, and kits for varying levels of autonomous operation, as well as connectivity-enhancing modems.

“We are being disruptive, but always prioritizing our client’s results. It is a new business model within John Deere, including Solution as a Service,” Jackson concluded.

By launching this new business unit, John Deere is not only expanding its market reach but also empowering farmers with the tools they need to thrive in the modern agricultural landscape.

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