FarmRobotix Unveiled at DLG Field Days: Future of Farming

The DLG Field Days, set to take place from June 11 to June 13 at the Brockhof Estate in Erwitte, Germany, are shaping up to be a landmark event for the agricultural sector. This year, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) is introducing a groundbreaking new platform called FarmRobotix, focusing on the burgeoning field of autonomy and robotics in agriculture.

A highlight of this initiative will be the DLG Open Innovation Showcase, scheduled for June 12, which promises to offer attendees unparalleled insights into the latest advancements in farm robotics. Co-organized by Future Farming magazine, the showcase aims to be a forum for knowledge transfer and networking among industry professionals, farmers, and technology enthusiasts.

The event will kick off at the DLG Plaza (Booth VG159) with a guided tour around the exhibition grounds, providing visitors an initial glimpse of the cutting-edge technologies on display. At 17:00 hours, René Koerhuis, a renowned farm robotics expert from Future Farming, will deliver a keynote address on the current global status of robots in open field crop production. Known for his “Follow the Farmer” approach, Koerhuis will delve into both the promising and less promising developments in the field, offering a balanced perspective on the state of farm robotics.

Following Koerhuis’ keynote, the session will transition into an interview and Q&A segment featuring farmers who have first-hand experience with field robots. This segment aims to shed light on the practical advantages and drawbacks of farm robotics, providing valuable lessons from those who have already integrated these technologies into their operations.

At 17:30 hours, the focus will shift to a discussion round featuring precision farming experts from major industry players such as Agco, CNH Industrial, and One Smart Spray—a joint venture between Bosch and BASF. This panel will tackle pressing questions about how robust business and innovation ecosystems can support sustainable and efficient growth in the agricultural sector, especially in the face of global challenges and rapid technological advancements.

The introduction of the FarmRobotix platform by DLG is a timely initiative, reflecting the growing importance of robotics and automation in modern agriculture. As the industry grapples with issues like labor shortages, climate change, and the need for sustainable farming practices, the integration of robotic solutions offers a viable path forward. These technologies promise to enhance efficiency, reduce labor costs, and minimize environmental impact, making them a crucial component of the future of farming.

The DLG Open Innovation Showcase provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to engage with these emerging technologies and gain insights from both experts and practitioners. It serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit needed to drive innovation in agriculture, bringing together diverse voices and perspectives to tackle common challenges.

For those interested in the future of farm robotics, the DLG Field Days offer an unmissable opportunity to explore the latest developments and network with industry leaders. Mark your calendars for June 12 and join us at Booth VG159 at 17:00 hours for an inspiring session that promises to be both informative and engaging.

Attendees are also encouraged to subscribe to Future Farming for exclusive content and discounted admission tickets, ensuring they stay at the forefront of agricultural innovation. With the rapid advancements in technology, events like these are crucial for staying informed and connected in an ever-evolving industry.

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