2024’s Top 100 Farm Dealers Unveiled in New Digital Resource

The farm equipment industry is set to benefit from a newly updated and comprehensive digital resource, the Farm Equipment Dealer 100™, brought to you by VitalEdge Technologies. This interactive platform, curated by the editors of Farm Equipment and supported by dealership software provider VitalEdge Technologies, offers an in-depth look at the 100 largest farm equipment dealers by location for 2024.

The Farm Equipment Dealer 100™ is an invaluable tool for industry stakeholders, providing detailed information about the top dealers. This includes data on total stores, agricultural stores, major and shortline brands, states served, employee counts, company history, executives, ownership, and profile information. The resource also features current and prior-year rankings and an interactive scrollable tool for easy navigation of key dealership information.

This initiative marks a significant step forward in making critical industry data more accessible. By licensing the summary level content to Farm Equipment for free, VitalEdge Technologies and the editors of Farm Equipment aim to democratize access to essential industry insights. This move is expected to support better decision-making and strategic planning across the sector.

Since 2011, Ag Equipment Intelligence has partnered with the Machinery Advisors Consortium to produce the annual “Big Dealer Report.” This report offers a detailed, by-the-numbers analysis of shifts in dealer ownership and consolidation, providing insights into the broader implications for the industry. The Farm Equipment Dealer 100™ builds on this foundation, offering a more user-friendly and interactive format that caters to a wider audience.

For those seeking even more detailed historical data and analysis, the full 2024 Big Dealer Report from Ag Equipment Intelligence remains available. This comprehensive report delves deeper into the trends shaping the industry, offering critical insights that can influence future strategies and operations.

To explore the Farm Equipment Dealer 100™ and gain access to this exclusive new content, visit www.farm-equipment.com/dealer-100. For additional information on the annual Big Dealer Report, further resources are available through Ag Equipment Intelligence.

This initiative underscores the importance of accessible, detailed industry data in navigating the complexities of the farm equipment market. As the industry continues to evolve, tools like the Farm Equipment Dealer 100™ will be instrumental in helping stakeholders stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

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