New Holland Unveils Compact Powerhouse CR10 Harvester at Agritechnica

New Holland, a leading name in agricultural machinery, has once again captured the spotlight at Agritechnica 2023 by unveiling a new addition to its combine harvester lineup. Following the successful introduction of the CR11 combine harvester, the company has now launched a smaller variant, the CR10. This new model aims to offer similar advanced features and efficiency but in a more compact form, catering to a broader range of farming needs.

The CR10 shares many of the groundbreaking features of the CR11, including the same dual 600 mm threshing rotors and an identical sieve system boasting 8.76 square meters of area. However, the primary distinction between the two models lies in their engines. The CR10 is powered by a 12.9-liter FPT engine that delivers 635 horsepower, whereas the CR11 is equipped with a more robust 15.9-liter engine producing 775 horsepower. This difference in engine power also translates to variations in grain tank capacity and unloading speed. The CR10 offers a 16,000-liter grain tank and an unloading speed of 159 liters per second, compared to the CR11’s 20,000-liter capacity and 210 liters per second unloading speed.

One of the standout features of both the CR10 and CR11 is the innovative sieve shaking technology. This system utilizes pressure sensors to measure the distribution of material on the sieves. If uneven distribution is detected, a lateral shaking mechanism is activated to ensure optimal grain distribution across the sieves. This technology enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the threshing process, making these combines highly desirable for modern farmers.

Manufactured in Zedelgem, Belgium, the CR10 is designed to meet a variety of farming requirements. It is available with header widths ranging from 10.6 to 15 meters, or with a corn harvesting attachment that can handle 12 to 16 rows. Additionally, the CR10 offers three track widths: 66, 81, and 91 cm, resulting in total machine widths of 3.49, 3.79, or 3.99 meters, respectively. For those who prefer wheels, the CR10 can also be equipped with front wheels like the VF 900/65 R46.

The introduction of the CR10 is a strategic move by New Holland to cater to farmers who need a high-performing combine harvester but may not require the full capacity of the CR11. By offering a smaller, yet equally advanced model, New Holland is expanding its market reach and providing more options for farmers to enhance their harvesting efficiency.

This new addition to the New Holland lineup underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the agricultural sector. The CR10’s advanced features, combined with its more compact size, make it a versatile and valuable tool for a wide range of farming operations. As the agricultural industry continues to evolve, machines like the CR10 will play a crucial role in helping farmers increase productivity and efficiency, ultimately contributing to the sustainability and growth of the sector.

New Holland’s unveiling of the CR10 at Agritechnica 2023 has certainly set a new benchmark in the industry, highlighting the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for modern agriculture. With its advanced technology, robust performance, and versatile design, the CR10 is poised to become a favorite among farmers looking for a reliable and efficient combine harvester.

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