New Holland Partners with Bluewhite for AI-Driven Farm Autonomy

New Holland, a brand under CNH Industrial, has embarked on a pioneering partnership with Bluewhite, a company specializing in AI-driven autonomous farming technology. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize the way New Holland tractors operate in North America, particularly within orchards, vineyards, and other specialty crop operations. The collaboration is structured as a multi-phase, multi-year initiative that will see Bluewhite’s cutting-edge autonomous solutions integrated into New Holland’s machinery portfolio.

The partnership kicks off immediately, with select New Holland dealers in the western United States gaining the rights to sell, distribute, and service Bluewhite’s aftermarket kits for existing New Holland tractors. This initial phase aims to provide farmers with an attainable entry point into autonomous farming, leveraging Bluewhite’s AI-driven technology to enhance efficiency and productivity. By summer 2024, these dealers will begin writing orders, setting the stage for broader regional and global expansion to ensure that more New Holland customers can access these advanced solutions.

Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, “The integration of Bluewhite into our technology stack allows our customers to access much-needed autonomous technology in an attainable aftermarket solution. With our position in specialty crops, the partnership with Bluewhite complements our mission to continue to better serve our customers, elevate their capabilities, and bring more autonomy to their operations.”

Bluewhite, formerly known as Blue White Robotics, has been at the forefront of sustainable autonomous innovation for permanent crop growers worldwide. Founded in 2017 by Ben Alfi, Yair Shahar, and Aviram Shmueli, the Tel Aviv-headquartered company leverages AI, sensor fusion, advanced vehicle integration, and precision implements control to help growers manage their fleets and data. This technology enables farmers to produce more with less, addressing critical challenges such as labor shortages and rising operational costs.

With its capabilities already proven across 150,000 acres in the U.S., Bluewhite’s technology is set to bolster New Holland’s strategy to bring autonomous solutions across all segments it serves. This is particularly significant in the specialty crop market, where precision and efficiency are paramount. The partnership aligns with CNH Industrial’s broader autonomy offerings, which have been strengthened by recent acquisitions of companies like Raven, Augmenta, and Hemisphere. These acquisitions have been instrumental in driving New Holland’s autonomy solutions for row crop and broad acre farmers.

Looking ahead, New Holland and Bluewhite are also exploring the potential for factory-installed autonomous solutions. This future possibility underscores the long-term vision both companies share for transforming agricultural practices through advanced technology. By integrating Bluewhite’s solutions directly into the manufacturing process, New Holland aims to offer a seamless and more comprehensive autonomous farming experience.

The implications of this partnership are far-reaching. For farmers, the integration of Bluewhite’s technology into New Holland tractors means enhanced operational efficiency, reduced dependence on labor, and the ability to manage larger areas with greater precision. For the agricultural industry at large, this collaboration sets a precedent for how traditional machinery manufacturers and tech-driven companies can work together to drive innovation and sustainability.

As the partnership between New Holland and Bluewhite unfolds, it promises to bring about significant advancements in autonomous farming, making high-tech solutions more accessible to farmers and helping to address some of the most pressing challenges in agriculture today.

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