GLOCAL Ignites AgriTech Growth in Latin America

In a move that is set to catalyze innovation and growth within the Latin American agrifoodtech sector, the GLOCAL Game Changers program has officially opened its doors to a new cohort of startups for the 2024 edition. Following a highly successful 2023 run, the program is once again on the lookout for startups that are poised to revolutionize the agricultural and food technology landscape in a region that is as diverse in its challenges as it is in its opportunities.

GLOCAL, an agrifoodtech acceleration and investment fund, has dedicated itself to the nurturing and development of startups across Latin America. The region boasts an immense wealth of biodiversity and natural resources, but it is also plagued by inefficiencies in supply chains and a scarcity of financing and technology that often leaves farmers at a disadvantage. Addressing these issues head-on, GLOCAL has been instrumental in backing startups that bring innovative solutions to the table, from enhancing production to improving nutrition, all through the power of technology and innovation.

The firm’s portfolio is a testament to its commitment to transforming the agrifood sector. It includes notable names such as Agrofy, a comprehensive agribusiness marketplace platform; Kilimo, which offers water conservation solutions; and Puna Bio, a company specializing in biologicals. These startups, among others in GLOCAL’s growing portfolio, are pioneering changes that have the potential to reshape the industry.

**Who Should Apply**

The GLOCAL Game Changers program is tailored for early-stage startups that are involved in any segment of the food value chain. This includes, but is not limited to, companies focusing on traceability platforms, marketplaces, alternative foods, carbon neutrality initiatives, water management, climate tech, ag biotech, and ag fintech. To be eligible, startups should have a validated minimal viable product and be helmed by a team of full-time founders. The program is particularly interested in startups at the Pre-seed, Seed, and Pre-Series A stages.

Selected startups will have the chance to join GLOCAL’s portfolio and benefit from an investment of up to $500,000. Moreover, they will gain the opportunity to expand their business and establish invaluable connections within the industry.

**What Past Participants Say**

The previous edition of the Game Changers program was a resounding success, drawing in more than 500 applicants and facilitating over 130 matches between startups and established companies through business roundtables and other networking events. Participants were also privy to 30 mentoring sessions led by industry experts, designed to provide tailored advice and insights.

Franco Martinez Levis from Puna Bio highlighted the importance of the connections and early adopters they were able to access through the program, which significantly accelerated their commercial development. Similarly, Daniel Andreu, CEO of Agrosingularity, underscored the benefits of being part of GLOCAL’s portfolio, which include immersion in the regional ecosystem, access to a network of valuable contacts, and enhanced opportunities for growth and partnerships.

The GLOCAL Game Changers program represents a beacon of hope and progress for startups in Latin America, offering a platform for innovation and expansion in a region ripe for transformation. Startups looking to make a significant impact in the agrifoodtech sector have until June 28 to apply and potentially join the ranks of change-makers in Latin America’s vibrant agrifood ecosystem.

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